Floor plans for ISDSI building

Here are the plans for each floor, as well as the room locations and names.  Jump over to ROOMS to see specifics about each type of room available to use.

Ground Floor.jpg

The entrance is through the commons area (the large open area on the bottom of the plans, to your left as you enter the compound).

Commons Area: Common seating area for lunch and other users of the building

Office: ISDIS Offices for staff and instructors

Kitchen: Staff and student refrigerator, microwave, and sink

Toilets: Men's and Women's toilets

Conference Room 1A: Whiteboard and flat screen

Classroom 1B: Whiteboard (no flat screen)

Second Floor.jpg

Entrance inside the commons areas by stairway

Library: No whiteboard, no flatscreen (but a great place for weekend meetings!)

Classrooms 2A, 2B, 2C, and 2D: Whiteboard and flat screen

Classroom 2E: Whiteboard, no flatscreen

Teacher Room 2F: For use by ISDSI staff and instructors

Third Floor.jpg

Seminar Room: Whiteboard, dual high definition flat screens